Achain Technology Update

  1. Optimize the p2p message notification process by removing the broadcast of messages with newly generated block ids.
  2. Stop broadcasting in the process of synchronizing other peers, because these messages will eventually be discarded as waste data by other nodes as well.
  3. Change type_name to type-safe string_view type.
  4. Start data synchronization before the next expected block is started, which will shorten the synchronization time in handling irreversible logic.
  5. Optimize the build script and add a build progress bar to the build log
  6. Send handshake messages continuously when the block is not connectable, and get peer at the first time when the connection is restored.
  7. Add http response parameter setting in the test script to avoid inconsistent test results caused by passing this value to the old nodeos version in multi-version tests.
  8. Add previous_pending_mode mode, add delay scheduling when processing this mode.
  9. Complete the design of the light node side of the Bloom filter.


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Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems.