Achain Technology Update

  1. Add the documentation of the use of cli.
  2. Add Ram purchase documentation and cli can not connect to node problem documentation.
  3. Replace the exceptions thrown by assert to the stack and stack operations.
  4. Organize and add error codes, so that the log for the error record more detailed, easy to analyze and locate the problem.
  5. Investigate Achain’s native DPOS consensus model, consider taking the optimized PBFT algorithm to ensure consistency.
  6. Study whether it is possible to temporarily generate a pair of public and private keys for each peer for message interaction to ensure the security and isolation of messages.
  7. Study how to minimize the redundancy of network messages during transaction or block broadcast, and improve the effective communication efficiency of messages.
  8. Considering the preference of different nodes for encryption protocols, the encryption algorithm required for message encryption can be negotiated during peer handshake.


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Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems.