Achain Technology Update

  1. Research EIP-4527, provide a process and data transmission protocol via QR Code between offline signers and watch-only wallets.
  2. The JSON-RPC client no longer hangs when invalid batch results are returned by the server.
  3. A corner-case issue in the filter system is resolved.
  4. Various improvements to snap sync are included in this release.
  5. Many engine API issues found by hive have been fixed for this release.
  6. The RPC server supports a new option ReadHeaderTimeout.
  7. Registering of clef ruleset UIs should now work correctly.
  8. The — netrestrict option is now also applied for discv5.
  9. A few minor regressions in gact CLI argument handling are fixed.
  10. RPC methods returning transaction objects now return the chainId for legacy transactions.


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Achain is a public blockchain platform that enables developers to issue tokens, smart contracts, create applications and blockchain systems.