Achain Technology Update

3 min readSep 27, 2022


1)Research EIP-3525,Defines a specification where EIP-721 compatible tokens with the same SLOT and different IDs are fungible.
2) The log filtering system now uses a LRU cache for block logs, speeding up repeated queries for the same block range. The cache size can be configured using the — cache.blocklogs command-line flag.
3) act_feeHistory now also works with the finalized block specifier.
4) actclient now supports the act_feeHistory method.
5) The RPC server supports a new option ReadHeaderTimeout.
6) RLP-decoding of trie nodes is ~33% faster due to reduced allocations in the decoder.
7) act_createAccessList is now much faster when no gas limit is provided.
8) Registering of clef ruleset UIs should now work correctly.
9) The RPC server supports a new option ReadHeaderTimeout.
10) Storage of trie node hash preimages is now disabled by default. You can enable it again using the — cache.preimages flag.

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1)Research EIP-4361,Sign-In with Ethereum describes how Ethereum accounts authenticate with off-chain services by signing a standard message format parameterized by scope, session details, and security mechanisms (e.g., a nonce).
2) most other command-line tools now use a newer version of the command-line argument/flag handling library.
3) The gact js subcommand has been removed.
4) The new — discovery.port flag allows configuring a separate port for the UDP listener.
5) Setting p2p bootstrap nodes in the config file now works even when a pre-defined network is selected on the command-line.
6) Transaction objects returned by RPC now always include the chainId field, even for untyped (legacy) transactions.
7) Handling of certain reorg corner cases is improved in the Engine API.
8) A performance regression in JS tracing is resolved.
9) Bash and zsh completions are now installed by the geth Ubuntu package.
10) The deprecated RPC method act_personal_signAndSendTransaction has been removed.

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1)Research EIP-4907,an extension of ERC-721. It proposes an additional role (user) which can be granted to addresses, and a time where the role is automatically revoked (expires).
2) Our builds were updated to use Go 1.18.
3) The transaction pool now correctly drops the oldest transactions when truncating the queue to stay below the configured global limit.
4) EVM MSTORE command is now 75% faster.
5) The ancient store (‘freezer’) implementation is now exported in package actdb, and can be used independently of the chain database.
6) An crash in LES ultralight sync is resolved.
7) Several data races related to snap sync are fixed in this release.
8) The snap protocol server no longer includes superfluous account proofs when a storage response hits the size limit.
9) The act block fetcher now disconnects peers that repeatedly fail to reply to header requests.
10) The trie implementation can now optionally trace nodes which were deleted/overwritten by state updates.

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1) Research EIP-4844,Shard Blob Transactions scale data-availability of Ethereum in a simple, forwards-compatible manner.
2) Reverts exponential moving average cost model changes.
3) Stops persisting program costs in blockstore and loading them at startup.
4) Restrict resized accounts to be rent-exempt and prevent rent-paying accounts by paying fees.
5) Restore test-validator debug prints.
6) Code Generator: Correctly encode literals used in abi.encodeCall in place of fixed bytes arguments.
7) rpl: fix typo in comment.
8) act/catalyst: only apply block if we actually have the state.
9) Doc and bug fixes.
10) Bump crds shard bits.




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