Achain Technology Update


Technology Update

Explore the latest Achain technology updates👇🏻

  1. Fix various pathdb corruption corner cases during a snap sync node restart.
  2. Reconfigure the testnet with an updated genesis.
  3. Remove the rollback mechanism from snap sync, unneeded post-merge.
  4. Make the block parameter in act_call optional, defaulting to latest.
  5. Forget transactions previously marked underpriced after 5 minutes.
  6. Fix the JSON marshalling issue from actclient retrieving block receipts.
  7. Fix the — bootnodes flag if the list is also configured in the toml file.
  8. Fix the active fork detection on the engine API, causing the signer to create invalid blocks.
  9. Fix a db corruption in the path scheme caused by a weirdly restarted snap sync.
  10. Fix the db-inspect command running against old hash scheme databases.





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