Achain Galaxy Bi-Monthly Technology Update| October- November, 2020

1 min readDec 13, 2020

1. When the generate block mode is previous_pending_mode, add the desired return value after schedule_delayed_production_loop.

2. Synchronization management is initialized at definition time to avoid functional problems caused by the lack of default values when synchronizing data.

3. When a new block generates, the ID notification feature has been tested and found to reduce actual processing efficiency, the feature has been blocked.

4. Setting the algorithm for sync can be started without updating sync_next_expected_num, and after sync, it can determine that the minimum value is lib.

5. Adding rich log morphology and recording log contents at different levels.

6. When the peer node is temporarily unreachable, the local node needs to send hand messages periodically to ensure that it can connect in time.

7. Renamed min/max to be more descriptive. Refactored account_level to a specific alias schema and added additional error checking when resolving accounts.

8. Fix docker name conflicts during the build.

9. Adding read locks to the data rollback process to ensure proper rollback.

10. Study the bloom filter protocol implementation and consider the possibility of porting to a light node.

11. Achain Galaxy and OKEXChain reached a partnership focused on DApp intercommunication and Achain Galaxy ecosystem integration.




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