Achain Galaxy Bi-Monthly Technology Update | December 2020- January 2021

1. When handling on_incoming_block push_block, pass exception handling so that the caller net_plugin knows that the block is not applied

2. Update sync_next_expected_num by checking sync_last_requested_num instead of checking sync_state, because sync_state may be temporary in the comparison state

3. No need to retry the connection for benign_other disconnection, because there is no block message

4. Add zlibmacro add_eosio_test_executable target link library to support zlib

5. Serialization interface supports array, optional and other types

6. Update fc submodule to support blob_type type to support serialization function

7. Increased sleep time to address slower block propagation through the network

8. Initializing the scaffold framework for data types and parallel test traces

9. Complete the design of the full node side of the Blum filter




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